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How to Donate

Specific Ways You Can Support CRAB and its Mission

1.Write a donation check and mail it to
    Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating
    PO Box 6564
    Annapolis, MD 21401

2.Encourage your business to become involved as a cash or In-kind donor.

3.Donate your boat.(See guidelines below)

4. Buy a boat from the CRAB brokerage list. Check the Spinsheet brokerage section in the latest issue for a list of current offerings or check out Spinsheet's website www.spinsheet.com

5. Volunteer to help out at Sandy Point State Park or volunteer to help out at a special event.

6. Help spread the CRAB message to the community!






A Guide to Help you Donate a
Boat and Avoid Unanticipated Problems

1. Consult your accountant or discuss with the IRS the advantages or problems of donating your boat. The laws change and each person's tax situation varies.

2. Gather any descriptive literature, e.g. brochures, specification, photos, layout etc. concerning the boat to be donated.

3. Sign over the title to CRAB, Inc. or Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Inc. on the back of the title (MD) in the space indicated, writing "Charitable Donation" in place of dollar consideration. Coast Guard documentation must be given to CRAB at the time of the boat's donation.

4. CRAB cannot be party to valuing a donated boat. For the donor, a marine survey provides the strongest documentation of a boat's value. If listed in the BUC book, make a photocopy of the particular page on which the boat appears (we suggest highlighting it) and the cover of the particular BUC book (to establish the date of issue of the book). Banks and Boat Loan Departments and some libraries usually have this book, as does Maryland's boat licensing department of the Department of Natural Resources. None of these is particularly interested in accommodating such a request because there is no compensation, boat dealers are least eager.

5. The Donor writes a dedicatory letter, donating the boat to CRAB, using serial numbers, hull numbers, transom codes, e.g. 1974 Bermuda 40, by Henry R. Hinckley, Hull# HRH B40974143, Maryland registration numbers, and in the case of outboard motors and trailers, brand, model and serial numbers where possible. An inventory of equipment included with the boat, i.e., sails, anchors, instrumentation, dinghy, pumps, etc. should be included in this letter.

6. An IRS From 8283 will be furnished to the donor by CRAB, along with a letter acknowledging the gift, using the language and data of the Donor's dedicatory letter.

7. CRAB will provide documentation of its non-profit status to those Donors who make such a request. CRAB is a chapter in good standing of Disabled Sports/USA, formerly National Handicapped Sports of Rockville, MD under whose 501(c)(3) umbrella it rests.

Inquiries regarding boat donations should be directed to:
Don Backe: phone 410-626-0273
CRAB office (summer only) 410-974-2628


Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating
P.O. Box 6564
Annapolis, MD 21401
email: info@crab-sailing.